The Private Laboratory Of Histopathology, Cytopathology & Molecular Diagnostics “Microdiagnostiki”, owned by doctors Ioannis and Dimitris Hatzibougias has been offering its services to doctors, clinics and medical professionals of North and Central Greece since 1979. The laboratory’s medical team and its exceptionally well trained personnel provide comprehensive analysis of biopsies with the most modern and specialized diagnostic methods available, thus contributing to the timely and trustworthy diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses and diseases.
The need for an accurate, trustworthy and fast diagnosis has become a thing of paramount importance since the chances that the patient has to receive a correct, personalized and targeted treatment hinge on the accuracy of the histological diagnosis.
It is specifically for this reason that “Microdiagnostiki” can count itself amongst the most prized partners that doctors and clinics have at their disposal, adding value to their services through the trustworthiness and consistency that have come to be synonymous with the Diagnostic Center in its more than 35 years of operation.

The continued support of our network of collaborating doctors and medical centers by providing trustworthy and comprehensive diagnostic services, with a short turnover time and at the lowest possible cost. We believe that an accurate and definitive diagnosis must account for a correct prognosis of the ailment, for the therapeutic treatment and thus for the patient’s quality of life.


The establishment of “Microdiagnostiki” in the mind of the doctor, of the medical center as well as that of the patient of the as the go-to quality option for a trustworthy, accurate and fast diagnosis as well as the continuous development of the diagnostic center, with the patient being always the focal point of our efforts.